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Repro is Native Instruments NKS-ready and compatible with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware. You can download the NKS Preview Files by clicking the button below.


Repro: analogue, meticulously recreated

Repro dives into the past for analogue inspiration, meticulously modelling two famous synthesizers. Every detail of the original was captured using component-level modelling technology to create the most authentic model possible. All the subtle characteristics and quirks found in the originals are present in Repro. One product, one installer, two synths.

Repro-5 shares a lot of sonic DNA with Repro-1, but adds new flavours and characteristics. First: it’s polyphonic! Play rich pads, shape them using the resonant lowpass filter, drive the polyphonic distortion unit as hard as you like, and finally polish your sound with five built-in effects. Keep it lush, or go for thick detuned unison leads. Repro-5 adds new dimensions to the familiar classic sound while keeping analogue authenticity front and centre

Tweaks panel Eye-candy like in Repro-1, the Tweaks page is there to let you change the fundamental behaviour of individual modules. The Repro-5 version includes 10 user-adjustable jumpers (mini circuit connectors) and 6 module tweak selectors, plus Microtuning. All the main controls of the synthesizer are also accessible.

Additionally, since Repro-5 is polyphonic, there’s access to a row of 8 trimmers used to set a stereo pan position for each individual voice.

Polyphonic distortion While Repro-1 includes a sequencer, Repro-5 comes with a distortion unit.

Each voice has its own processor, which means there is no interaction between notes in a chord.
The distortion gets applied to the signal before the rest of the included effects.

There are four different modes available: Soft ClipHard ClipFoldback, and Corrode – a sample rate reducer and bit crusher, all-in-one.

Stomp-boxes Repro-5 ships with a set of 5 (excluding the distortion unit) high quality effects in the shape of stomp-boxes. From subtle to extreme adjustments, this section expands the polyphonic synthesizer’s capabilities beyond expectations.

While Repro-1 includes Jaws (a wavefolder), Repro-5 replaces it with a saturation unit: Velvet, with support to different modes, followed by the same effects found in the monophonic brother: Lyrebird (a flexible delay, which inspired the creation of Colour Copy), RESQ (semi-parametric EQ or resonator), Drench (a lush plate reverb), and Sonic Conditioner (a stereo saturator and transient designer – to add the right amount of gelatine to your patches). All effects are rearrangeable through drag and drop in the FX Chain section.

* About Linux: Before purchasing, please be aware the Linux versions of our plug-ins are still considered beta. While the plug-ins are stable, we are not able to provide the same level of support for these products as we do for the macOS and Windows versions. Support is provided via the Linux and u-he communities on our forum


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  • owerful analogue sound using component-level modelling
  • 2 multi-wave oscillators: saw/pulse and saw / triangle / pulse
  • Tweak page for adjusting component behaviour
  • 4-pole resonant lowpass filter
  • Based on famous 5-voice polyphonic hardware synth
  • 8 voice polyphonic, or up to 8 voice unison with optional glide
  • Individual voice panning
  • Audio-rate voice modulation: Oscillator A frequency, pulse width, filter cutoff
  • Polyphonic distortion unit with 4 types including bit crusher
  • Built-in effects: analog-style delay / chorus, EQ / resonator, plate reverb, sonic conditioner, tape emulation effect
  • Over 950 factory presets
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